Privacy Policy

1. Who are we?

1.1. We are Clean Kitchen Limited. Our registered office address in Minton House, Beecroft Street, Leeds, LS5 3AS.

1.2. You can contact us with any comments or questions on

2. What’s the purpose of this Privacy Policy?

2.1. This Privacy Policy explains how we deal with your “personal data”. This is the overarching term for information about any identified person or one who could be identified. It details the type of persona data we collect, how we use it, how we protect it, who we may share it with and how you can control it.

2.2. Use of our website and our services indicates your acceptance of this Privacy Policy.

3. What personal data do we collect and why?

3.1. “Contact Data” is information that we collect and store about how to communicate with you. This information is given to us via forms on our website or other communications such as emails. It includes information such as your name, address, address and phone number.

3.2. “Customer Behaviour Data” represents your IP address which is collected and stored by us. This helps us to improve your shopping experience based on previous purchases or browsing history.

3.3. “Payment Information” includes your bank card details if provided in order to process orders.

3.4. “Survey Data” may be collected occasionally to assess how we serve our customers and how we can improve their experiences.

3.5. GDPR instructs us to use “contractual” in relation to how we use your contact and payment data to fulfil orders. For marketing reasons, the lawful basis for our use of your contact, customer behaviour and survey information is “consent” or “legitimate interest”.

3.6. Legal obligations may require us to check your age and identity prior to the conclusion of a transaction.

4. How do we use your personal data?

4.1. “Contact Data” is used as part of our routine service operations. This includes sending messages to communicate with you regarding your account and orders or to enable the fulfilment of the orders.

4.2. If you have given your permission, “Contact Data” may be used to send you marketing communications in the form of emails, mail, calls or SMS. You can opt out of these at any time.

4.3. “Payment Information” is used to process payments and refunds.

4.4. Your IP address is used to recognise you when you visit the website. This allows us to track anonymised traffic and usage patterns. It also enables us to detect fraud on your account and assists in the improvement of our services. Cookies may be used for this purpose (for further information, see the Cookies Policy below).

4.5. Information collected about your behaviour and usage may be utilised to recommend services or products to you. It may also be used to improve customer services for all customers.

4.6. Your data is retained for a period of 36 months following your final order with us. This enables us to comply with legal obligations regarding the retention of documentation and to enforce our terms and conditions, prevent fraud, collect outstanding monies, resolve any disputes and assist in any other way permitted by law.

5. How do we protect your personal data?

5.1. Security is of paramount importance to us. We therefore take stringent precautions to protect your information and will continue to monitor and upgrade our security systems wherever appropriate.

6. To whom do we disclose your personal data and why?

6.1. Your personal data may be accessed by third parties whom are integral to the services and products we offer. This includes e-commerce platforms, couriers, website hosts, and other businesses involved in the day-to-day running of our operations where appropriate.

6.2. Payment information will be shared with our payment gateway and payment provider services to process the payment of your orders and refund any monies owed.

6.3. Our payment partners may share your personal data with relevant third parties such as credit reference agencies and fraud prevention agencies, who may choose to keep a record of that information for their own security purposes.

6.4. If you opt-in to third-party marketing services, your personal data may be shared with those selected companies.

6.5. We may disclose your contact details to a trusted review site to enable it to email you regarding a product review for our company.

6.6. If we believe your personal data breaches our terms and conditions, we may disclose it to the relevant authorities. If a breach is deemed necessary to protect ourselves or others, or if a criminal act has been committed, we are required by law to comply with any investigation. This includes any illegal content posted by you in correspondence on our website.

7. How to control your personal information

7.1. You have the right to request a copy of the information that our company holds on you. You can amend your information, opt out from marketing communications and request deletion of your information. Contact us at to fulfil these requests.

7.2. You can learn more about your rights under UK data protection laws by visiting the website of the UK Information Commissioner:

Cookies Policy

1. What are cookies?

1.1. Cookies are used to make website work and run more efficiently, as well as to provide information to website owners and other interested parties. They are small files of letters and numbers that are sent to your computer.

1.2. Session cookies are temporary cookies that remain active in your browser only until the browser is closed. These allow websites to link your actions together during a browsing session.

1.3. Persistent cookies remain in the cookie file of your browser for longer. Cookies have various lifetimes and the length of time they will remain in your browser is dependent on the cookie type.

1.4. You can delete cookies stored on your device by taking the appropriate steps as outlined in your browser help section.  

2. How do we use cookies?

2.1. Cookies and other tracking technologies are used on our website by our company and third parties.

2.2. We use session cookies to track your movement from page to page on the website. The cookies also ensure that you are not repeatedly asked for the same information and that you do not have to reauthenticate or reprocess on every page.

2.3. Google Analytics include persistent Google cookies for up to two years. These recognise and count the number of visitors to a website, in addition to storing information about the visits including duration, path through website and what sites the visitor initially came from. This information allows our company to improve our website in line with the customer experience.

2.4. Google advertising cookies are persistent for up to two years. This type of cookie works in connection with Google advertising on our website to serve ads to you based on your online behaviour. You can choose to opt out of Google’s advertising cookies via your browser.

2.5. Social media cookies may be used to link your visit to our website with your social accounts on platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+. The cookies may be subject to the terms and conditions of the individual companies.

2.6. Third party advertising cookies are part of the ad space on our website. Our ad partners can use these cookies and similar technologies to assess information about your visit to our website and link it to your visits to other sites. They can use this information to track their campaigns, avoid showing you the same advertisement too frequently and display advertisements that are tailored to your preferences. Any third-party advertising cookies are beyond our control and we do not have access to them.

2.7. By continuing to use our website, we assume that you consent to the cookie policy as stated.