Amazing blast frozen cuisine
revolutionising healthy eating

Blast freezing locks in those essential vitamins and minerals that would diminish over time in fresh food
Ryan Maude, BSc
Revolution of Food

The Clean Kitchen revolution is based around changing people's concepts of healthy eating. Healthy eating doesn't have to be monotonous, repetitive or boring. Nor does it have to break the bank.

Our aim is to get people to be more proactive with their diets. Loading your freezer with our meals is a preemptive decision to prevent yourself from binge eating or making other unhealthy choices like eating take outs.

We are not just another meal prep company. We are offering macro calculated gourmet cuisine that will keep you on track without sacrificing our spectacular flavour.

Our meals are carefully adapted around your schedule creating a fully analysed and bespoke diet plan.

Unlike most other companies, we provide our food frozen. We cook our food, then the food is immediately placed in a blast chiller ready to be frozen. This locks in vital nutrients that would rapidly diminish if not frozen.

Our weight loss programs are carefully adapted around your routines by our team nutritionist. At Clean Kitchen, you're not just another number. We'll take the time to help you achieve your goals.

Our knowledge and support combined with your dedication, you're guaranteed to achieve weight loss.

The Complete Diet Plan

Here at Clean Kitchen we have taken back to the basics. Eat right, move more.

There are so many diets out there nowadays and yes, some may work for certain people but may not for others. One diet method that has proven time and time again for decades is simply, burn more calories than you take eat.

Our diet plans incorporate our delicious macro tracked meals that will be delivered to you each week. We’ll even tell you how many meals a day you’ll need and when to eat them to ensure you hit your daily macro target. We track everything so nothing is left to chance.

Dieting isn’t just about stripping body fat; simply reducing calories can achieve this and often results in a rebound once the diet is stopped.

What we are looking to achieve is the maintenance of muscle mass whilst stripping fat. Holding onto that muscle whilst leaning out creates that all important shape and figure.

Why just have a body when you can create a physique?

Diet Plan

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